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PT. Medan Jaya Pangan Mutu

PT.Medan Jaya Pangan Mutu - Jual Snack dan Pilus


Who does not need a snack? It feels like everyday activities will feel empty without the accompaniment of snacks. Snack is a tertiary food that will never lose its fans. Starting from children to adults can enjoy this type of food.

There are various types and brands of snacks that circulate in Indonesian society, but we still find a type of snack that does not meet national food standards. Starting from the use of hazardous materials to unhygienic production processes.

PT. Medan Jaya Food Quality provides a wide selection of snacks that are halal, hygienic and delicious. The products we produce are made from quality natural ingredients as well as spices that are standard of national food. The main ingredients are supplied from the best and reliable suppliers that can provide staples such as potato, corn and chocolate of the highest quality.