About Us

PT. Medan Jaya Pangan Mutu (Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)

We are a manufacturer of snacks based on tapioca flour & various jelly drinks and nata de coco. Which started in 1980. The PEDMUS MARKET brand snack, with the online tag "THIS AGAIN! ", Is the first product variant that we produced since the early 80s. Pilus is one of the traditional snacks that are preferred by children to adults. Small handy are often consumed with main culinary such as rice, Aceh noodles, and various culinary archipelago, but it can also be enjoyed on various moments.

Now we have developed into PT MEDAN JAYA PANGAN MUTU which is proof of our professionalism & seriousness in running company producer of various product of food & beverage based on coconut juice and jelly. The company is committed to producing food products that are of good quality and safe for the consumption of all levels of society.


Jl. Berlian Sari II No. 170 Medan 20145
Sumatera Utara , Indonesia


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